how to make a doormat

How to Make a Doormat from Coconut Coir Rope

how to make a doormat

How to make a doormat – Indonesia is an archipelago country that has many coconut trees. Since childhood, we have been introduced to the benefits of all parts of coconut trees, from the roots to the leaves. For example, the young coconut leaf can be used as wall decorations in Javanese traditional wedding ceremonies. Another example of a coconut part that uses coconut coir for various purposes.

Coconut coir is usually put away like trash. When in fact, it can be used as a product that is beneficial for the environment and brings economic value to rural areas. Meanwhile, the coconut fruit is processed into coconut milk and oil. The coconut stems are for wood building and the leaves are for a broom, handy-crafts, and others.

As explained above, coconut coir can be processed into coconut fiber. It is the basic material for brooms, ropes, and doormats. The making of mats from coconut fiber is all done manually by human resources. Except, the process of separating the coir/coconut fiber and coconut powder which uses a coconut coir decomposing machine.

Indonesia is A Large Enough Coconut Producer

Indonesia is a producer of coconut products. The traditional bricks and tiles craftsman need coconut coir for the bricks burning process. Is that only be used as fuel for cooking, brick making, roof tiles? Of course not.

Nowadays, modern craftsmen have used coconut coir fiber to be processed into useful items, for example;  floor brooms and foot mats or doormats. Along with the progress of times and technology as well as with innovative coconut coir processing, coconut coir can become a craft product that has high economic value.

For example, the use of coconut fiber as a filler for coconut coir car seats, coconut coir mattresses, coconut coir sofas, coconut coir pots, and various other coir crafts. However, with equipment that is still simple, it is certainly not able to produce in large quantities, so the business that is being run cannot develop.

Here’s how to make a mat from coconut coir:

  • Rimbagan (place for weaving)
  • Mini hammer
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Gobet (mat trimmer)

Materials needed :

  • Coir
  • Rope – coconut rope-based
  • Coconut oil

How to Make Rope Doormat:

  1. Prepare tools and materials.
  2. Shape the coconut husk like a pillow.
  3. Attach rope or rope to the forest as a groove for weaving.
  4. Apply enough oil to the rope so that when it is woven it does not stagnate.
  5. Weave the rope as the beginning as well as the foundation.
  6. Weaving coconut coir is like weaving, input from above is arranged parallel until everything is filled.
  7. Every single row closes it by being hit from above with a hammer so that the mat becomes solid and strong.
  8. After finishing weaving later, the surface of the mat is trimmed to make it even.

That is how to make a doormat from coconut coir rope. It can clean footwear optimally. You can compare with other raw materials besides coconut fiber. The surface of the mat is rough which is able to clean the dirt on the feet to the maximum clean. This coconut coir mat is made of natural materials so the color given is brown. This coconut coir mat also has an original color with its own color, and it doesn’t fade easily, making it its own specialty.

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